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School's Out!

Posted by Donna Benns

I remember this time last year, school holidays upon us and the dreaded realisation that I would have to entertain my children for 6 whole weeks!  (I can hear the sympathetic hum of many parents in agreement!)  Children’s expectations have risen slowly over the years, and it seems there is a constant battle to appease the insatiable appetite of a child’s zest for something new and different.  Get it wrong and it’s a day spent with whinges and whines in which no amount of ice-cream can help! This year I have a plan, and one which I shall share with you along the way.  Bournemouth has much to offer and even going a bit further afield, some true gems can be found. 

The first stop is Bournemouth Aviation Museum, situated near Bournemouth Airport, just 7 miles from the hotel.  Having moved from its original venue at the airport, it is now an Open Air Museum.  Having several planes on display which you can climb aboard makes this fun for all (even the dads!).  It is only on a small scale, but the volunteers who run the museum and do maintenance on the planes are fantastic, showing how all the controls work so you feel you’re actually the pilot of the day! Take a packed lunch and sit atop the double-decker bus to watch the planes arriving and departing from the airport.  We gave it an 8/10.  If you visit, let us know what you think.

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